Spammers, we don’t need no steenking spammers

I can’t believe spammers are so pathetic that someone actually came up with the idea of comment spamming. Basically, in an attempt to boost page rankings for their stupid websites, people are leaving comments on blogs and journals simply to link back to themselves or other sites they are “paid to advertise”. I thought I first heard about this over at Binary Bonsai, but now I can’t find the link. Those first reports I read, however, showed comments that tried to look like real comments with messages like “Hey, I was excited to see you site, please check out mine” and would then point to some sort of pyramid scheme or fetish farm. Regardless, I’m pissed now because someone trying to push Levitra or some such crap spammed my precious comments section with utter crap that was just filled with search terms and links. And the real funny part is that I almost wouldn’t have found out about it because Mozilla picked out all the triggers in the comment notification e-mail and threw that in my junk folder 😛 . Anywho, I’ve deleted the comment, but kept the e-mail for future reference (you know, to pretend that I’ll actually report them) . For now I mainly look forward to some added features in WordPress (like comment approval) that will prevent this in the future.

5 thoughts on “Spammers, we don’t need no steenking spammers”

  1. That happened to me, too. Somebody spammed my message board on my diaryland diary. Luckily that forwards to my dead e-mail account and I never check it. It still annoyed me to find it, though.


  2. As an update, let it be known that at 12:30AM on Wednesday, the Ninth of June in the year 2004 this post was hit with comment spam. It was deleted, but I feel that we should bow our heads for just a moment to honor this passing.

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