I think my heart is still pounding

My evening wasn’t going very well. Actually, it was downright sucky. So I’ll just say that I really needed this pick-me-up from the Eagles. The Eagles beat the Packers to solidify their lead on a wild-card spot and remain only one game behind for the division lead. They did it at Lambeau when almost nobody thought they could. It was a nailbiter with McNabb’s game-winning TD pass hitting Todd Pinkston with 27 seconds left on the clock. That was great football. That’s why I watch the game. We’re talking about a game that wasn’t sealed until Favre fumbled the ball with 1 second left. After finally taking the lead, the Eagles gave up a 45 yard TD run by Ahman Green on a fourth and 1 play then turned it over on downs when they failed to convert a fourth and 5 of their own. Yet for some reason I still didn’t give up hope and continued to watch – and the Eagles responded with possibly the biggest W of the year so far. Thank you guys!

P.S.(I couldn’t find this article about Philly fans last night when I originally posted.)