It’s Wednesday already

I can’t tell if this week is moving too fast or too slow. It’s already Wednesday and I haven’t even bragged about the Eagles stompin’ on the Gints. I got to wear my new jersey (wow, that looks funny) while I screamed my head off for them (not nearly as much as Monday night, but it wasn’t exactly a nailbiter 😉 ). And when LJ made a key catch on their first drive, boy did it get me pumped. I’m really excited to see where this team will go. Sunday night I swung by the Ristra to meet up with Lisa and found out that a friend of ours is also an Eagles fan. Sarah was very excited to see my jersey and totally psyched about the game. I need to bring all of the Philly people together for some of these games because it’s just more fun that way. I also need to snag the emoticons from the Eagles website as I like them a lot more than the ones that come with WordPress.

2 thoughts on “It’s Wednesday already”

  1. Even worse yet is that the new Pearl Jam double disc rarities album and live double DVD came out more than a week ago and I haven’t commented on them. I case you were wondering, they rock!

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