And they do this every Sunday

Friday afternoon was a turkey day party at the production facility at work. They all bugged me to make an excuse to visit them so I could hang out (since I’m based at the other site), so I did. It was good eats complete with beer and wine, which was an excellent way to fill the afternoon. Unfortunately someone brought out a football and I became an idiot. Tossing around the ol’ pigskin (well, rubber skin) is one thing – my ‘mates and I have been rather regular with that, so my upper body is in shape. But once you actually start running around trying to cover a guy in an real game, well lets just say that my legs weren’t exactly warmed up. Even before my serious collision with Wilson on one third down conversion attempt they were already cramping up all over. The last two days have been hell, as merely walking up and down the stairs hurts like a… well, you know. Fortunately Lisa worked on my calves last night, so by tomorrow they should be much more loose so I don’t have to walk around work like Frankenstein’s monster.

For now I’ll just return to my cheering on the guys that get paid to do that every week. Go Eagles – I wish I could’ve watched another stunning victory this week – damn New York coverage!