Legal system be damned

I’m two days from yet another court day in my continuing saga of my car being totaled by a police officer. I’m supposed to talk to a lawyer about this one, which should be the final trial date for the ticket itself. I actually call someone and give them the basics. Ok, that’ll be $750 to come to court with you. Yeah sure, I’ll call you right back. If I accept the plea, it’ll be something like $150 for the ticket and possibly an outrageous lawsuit against my insurance company. If I actually lost the trial and took the ticket you can tack on a couple points and an insurance hike. The lawyer can’t guarantee anything about this and my insurance has already skyrocketed thanks to this accident. What’s the point? The worst case scenario basically has me paying the $750 to my insurance company because of yet another increase rather than the lawyer. I guess I’ll be chatting with the public defender before drinking my troubles away later that night.

One thought on “Legal system be damned”

  1. Don’t know what to say, I guess “good luck” sums it up pretty well, even if it isn’t much help.

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