My sister the editor

My sister Maureen’s longtime friend Billy (he’s a longtime friend of the entire family to be honest) works for Barnes and Noble. He convinced Maureen to edit a book for them about sisterhood, and lo-and-behold it sits at #139 on their best sellers list. It’s pretty cool to see her name up there, and the publisher’s comments verify that it is our Maureen Slattery:

In Sisters: Reflections on Sisterhood, editor Maureen Slattery uses hundreds of well-chosen quotations to evoke the joys and vexations of sisterhood. One of six sisters herself, Ms. Slattery draws on sources as diverse as Virginia Woolf and Ashley Judd; Emily Dickinson and Bob Dylan; Jane Austen and Jan, from the Brady Bunch. This bountiful anthology offers quotations to confirm-and dispute-your fondest notions about sisterhood.