They took the number five and made it… FIVE

I have to admit that I love those Don Cheadle NFL Playoff commercials. They’re incredibly clever and actually manage to capture the sheer wonder of the sport. I’m desperately searching for a link that might contain all of their transcriptions, but have yet to find any luck. In the meantime, I though I might share a couple posted on the Eagles Message Board:

Five used to be just a number between 4 and 6.
Five used to be what you took when you needed a break,
Five used to be what you gave and got when you were happy,
Five used to be the bill you pulled out to pay for lunch.
But that was before HE came to Philly, before 4th and 26.
Five is a new attitude.
Five is the hope that every year, you’ll be there in January, playing for it all.
Five is playoff games at the Linc – in the cold – where teams don’t want to come.
Five is a number you see on the back of a jersey that went by you in a flash of green because he’s running away from you getting farther and farther, 50 yards down field…
Passing, running, juking out a defender, the new master of the two minute drill.
Five used to be nothing more than 12-7 or Cunningham minus Jaws but now
five… is Five

Before the playoffs, five was just another prime number. Five was 15 divided by 3, a piece of paper with Abraham Lincoln’s face on it. It’s what you’d give a buddy you hadn’t seen in a while. But now that it’s the playoffs, five means converting a 4th-and-26. It means rushing for over 100 yards when it ain’t even your job. It means carrying an entire city and its desperation on your back. People expect more out of guys that wear 5. That’s how big the playoffs are. They took the number 5 and made it…FIVE.

I made a very small edit to I just realized that the word I added was already in the first one (which I prefer), but I think they’re both pretty cool. Can’t wait ’til this Sunday!