On this day one year ago…

…this site was two days old! I can’t believe I forgot to post on Wednesday, but that was technically the 1st anniversary of the current incarnation of neverhood.net. My first post left much to be desired, however it still marked my final attempt to install b2 and start an ongoing blog/journal. It ended up taking me well over a month to post again, and that marked the true beginning of my rather mediocre foray into Internet whoredom. Nevertheless, it was the classic “Hello World” message that displayed I had finally decided to at least attempt to create something to share with my fellow netizens. And fittingly, most of you have failed to notice my efforts… 😛

On that note, I am debating about the future of neverhood.net. No, I won’t be closing the site and, honestly, I really don’t care that much about generating more traffic. But I do feel like I could be offering more to the community than what I have right now. It’s clear that I need to get off my ass and actually work on my rather stagnate gallery (yes, I know I’ve been promising this to people for months… sorry 🙁 ). But now I am wondering if I should break this site in half. Possibly the best course of action I can take is to create a blog area that’s merely personal things, and then have the main site focus on music (especially local bands) and other artsy things. Maybe then I could create an area for more of the folks from the OpenMic to stop by and see updates and maybe even contribute their own stories and pictures. This could be an exciting year… we’ll just have to wait and see.

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