Just go away already

There was a time when I thought Dennis Miller was funny. Even if I didn’t always agree with his viewpoints, he generally came off somewhat moderate and could point out flaws from both sides of the fence. Then he became a conservative. There’s no innate problem with that since he already had occasionally conservative views in the past, but the manner in which he made that transition was just embarassing. I remember watching him on one episode of Real Time with Bill Maher be completely humiliated by Arianna Huffington. It became appalling clear through his continued attempts at wit with his typical overdone and nonsensical analogies that he had no real understanding of the issues at hand. His conversion from a political humorist to an avid Bush supporter saw a complete loss of what was once a sharp analytical mind.

Unfortunately we must now suffer through more of his increasingly irrelevent drivel as CNBC has decided to give him another political show. Just reading through his quotes in the AP article shows how sad he truly has become. There was a time when Miller would have questioned every despicable move Bush has made in his presidency, and now he would rather simply enjoy the company of “his friend” and ignore the current politcal clime while discussing the current political clime. Not sure how that one works, but at least he should have plenty of pointless rants to fill his time slot.

Dennis goes one step further by not only cowering behind a convictionless new agenda, but slamming others who continue with their liberalism. He has the audacity to attack Peter Jennings for merely hinting at his own beliefs while delivering the news. Of course that would be the difference between a journalist and a washed up comedian. As ABC News spokeswoman Cathie Levine replied, “Peter Jennings is an experienced journalist who respects the boundaries of fairness and accuracy in all his reporting.”

The unflinching irony of it all was most aptly pointed out by Wonkette after Miller criticized the format of Bill Maher’s previous politcal forum saying, “I don’t care what Gary Coleman thinks about Afghanistan.” Wonkette commented (with a wink of course) that he was “sooooooo right. Because who cares what some washed-up comic actor with no political background thinks about poli- . . . er. . .huh.”

At the very least this has all led me to a romp around the Internet to find such wonderful links as the banner free My Way news portal. There must be a renewed effort for me to keep up with these various commentaries and blogs.

2 thoughts on “Just go away already”

  1. Dennis: I don’t want to go on a rant here, but America’s foreign policy makes about as much sense as Beowulf having sex with Robert Fulton at the First Battle of Antita. I mean when a neo-conservative defenistrates its like Paskalnikoff philibusters dioximonohydroxinate.
    Peter: What the hell does rant mean?!

    I love that one 🙂

  2. Still one of my all time favorite openings. I swear I must have laughed for at least 5 minutes straight the first time I saw that. And it really does sum him up pretty well. You’d be hard pressed to find someone else who could manage to be so sharp and funny one moment then come off so smug and clueless the next.

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