Ouch, that’s gotta hurt

I’m not a big hockey fan, but I keep an eye on the Flyers from a distance simply because they’re from Philly. I would like to seem them make a real run for it this season, but after some of the injuries I’ve begun to doubt whether or not they can keep it together. Primarily, there was the bone-shattering slapshot that took out star center Jeremy Roenick last month (which was followed moments later by a collision that has sidelined another center, Keith Primeau). I’m just happy to see that doctors have shown there was no brain damage in Roenick, and that (hopefully) the worst is behind him. There’s a chance that he might not return this season (or even next if he looks to retirement), but it’s good to know that he should make a full recovery one way or another. Unfortunately Primeau is still up and down with his concussion, and they always make me nervous. I’m glad that he’s taking his time recuperating as I think too many players are rushed back from what is a very dangerous injury with very difficult to diagnose long-term effects.

On the otherside, don’t you dare tell me that Allen Iverson is dogging it. The guy has played through the most ridiculous amount of injuries. Of course after 7 and a half seasons of that he’s going to start healing slower. Give the guy a little slack, I’m sure all of that losing is probably killing the adrenaline rush that normally keeps him going. They may be overpaid, but they’re still human.

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  1. Being 34 years old and having 9 concussions can take its toll on you… I wouldn’t blame JR for calling it a career and going into something along the lines of color commentary or a job with the ESPN crew. He has charisma in spades and would be perfect for any of a number of jobs.

    Lindros is another one, although he’s only 31 he’s so fragile right now that he can’t play his patented physical style, which is what made him such a presence to begin with. Now he’s a really big, tall guy who can’t hit or get hit if he wants to stay healthy. Still a decent player, but nowhere as good as he used to be, or could have been today if he stayed healthy.

    I know these guys love the sport, and I can understand why they’d come back from serious injury and want to play again. But when you’re talking MRIs and possible long-term brain damage… just look at how boxing legends end up. Sometimes it’s best to collect that last paycheck and retire to a nice house by the beach with the wife and kids.

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