Baltimore and a lost sense of humor

I’m still not gonna comment on the Eagles’ offseason moves until the whole T.O. ordeal is decided this weekend. However, there is still more to be said about the idiocy of the Eagles Message Board. The instant you disagree with the organization, express respect for another team, or contemplate the possibility of the team not performing well, a bunch of guys who sit on their asses all day posting useless crap will attack you as a moron, n00b, or traitor. Unfortunately it can still be one of the best sources for the latest information as most of the people there have nothing better to do all day than monitoring all sports news. Therefore I still check it out, although I won’t post.

Because everyone is so uptight, you can’t post anything funny or read anything contrary to the Eagles’ position without getting slammed. Obviously anywho who thinks that the Eagles won’t make it to the Super Bowl this year knows nothing about football, right? Afterall, their track record speaks for itself… One member posted a complaint about an article in the Baltimore Sun written to T.O. Initially it comes off as though he’s dissing Philly, but anyone with a 3rd grade education who can get past the first couple of paragraphs will see his tongue-in-cheek commentary that clearly rips Baltimore a new one and only humorously pokes fun in our direction. But all of 2 out of 20+ posters were able to figure that out, while the rest called him a coward and said what a bad writer he is. Learn to read and comprehend simple thoughts already! You’re an embarrassment to the city!

A perfect example was a post the other day asking what would make you stop being an Eagles fan. Now obviously everybody there has no backbone and could merely respond, “Bleed Green ’til Death” but the potential for humour there was so great that they all missed it. The original poster even hinted at it by saying “Not even if Rosanne Barr bought the team.” At least one guy finally said “If Michael Irvin was signed to the WR group.” Instead, nobody else could say anything witty, other than trying to express their abject dedication to a business that wouldn’t even notice if they disappeared tomorrow.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a die hard fan. You don’t want to see me during the games and I’m even worse after a loss. But no matter how much I love them my sense of humor and wit will always come first – otherwise half the fun of ESPN Football 2004 would be lost.

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  1. There really is nothing quite like cheering for the PS2 when it challenges one of Mike’s touchdowns, is there? 🙂

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