Just crossing my fingers

The decision on TO should be made tomorrow (after a delay). Until then I’m just enjoying some of the commentary about other free agents and potential trades. The best line so far has got to be from Pro Football Talk’ Rumor Mill regarding the Cowboys acquiring Drew Henson:

As to the team that acquired Henson, league insiders are wondering why the ‘Boys have added the unproven Henson to a rotisserie of turds that already includes Quincy Carter and Chad Hutchinson.

Ok, you might not understand the full implications of that move, but at least the quote is pretty damn funny. It’s up there with Pete Prisco’s evaluation of my least favorite player:

8.) Which player is in for the biggest disappointment on the market?

Hint: He’s fat, loud and his name rhymes with crap, the way he treats people.

Yep, Warren Sapp.

😀 Hehehe! And of course, let me give you guys the most stupidest quote from the EMB today:

And/Or. They are often inter-changable.
– WatchmansGhost @ Mar 15 2004, 04:56 PM