It’s actually quite beautiful outside

Ok, the drive home sucked yesterday. Idling on Route 46 for half an hour, terrified to hit my brakes that I might skid off the road is no way to start off a commute home. And the worst part is that in spite of my exhaustion I still stayed up way too late and had a horrible half night of sleep. Thus is the price for being too tired to walk 4 blocks to Lisa’s place.

Yes, Lisa did return from the Bahamas last Friday and, much to her dismay, found that the weather up here sucks. Today’s snowfall is actually really nice, however. Nothing is sticking on the road, but the snow itself looks beautiful as well as the frosted trees lining my drive up to Boonton.

The latest word is that Sebastian (owner of the Guinea Pigs) has been tossed out of the country and may not be able to return for them (possibly ever). That basically means that Teddy and Jessie are a real addition to the apartment and my life. I bought them a much nicer home and will post pictures later tonight.