Show me the piggies!

I know what you all must be thinking – I neglect this site too much. There hasn’t been a gallery update in months, and (in spite of my claims to the contrary) I haven’t put many pictures on the front page either. So then you say, “How the hell are we supposed to see these adorable Guinea Pigs of which you speak?!?!”

Well, I am proud to announce the first real addition to this site in a while: The Amazing GuineaCam! Yes, you too can watch these cute little furballs eat, sleep, and poop all day long (although it will be offline overnight). Right now it is a simple still picture that will automagically refresh every 10 seconds. I will soon be offering an archive, and maybe even a live stream! Ohh, the anticipation is killing me!!

Anywho, enjoy, I know I will 😀 .