Interesting art/social project going on at 1000journals. Basically they’ve put 1000 journals out into the world and allowed people to contribute to them in any way they see fit. This started back in 2000 and so far only one book has returned. Still, that’s pretty impressive to even get one back, and they still keep tabs on a lot of those out in the field. They have a few “featured” journals, and #451 is a good example of what’s going on.

The only thing that kinda bugs me here is too much tracking. I’d really like to see a much more freeform version of this, where journals are just dropped off at coffee houses and movie theaters and whatever. They would contain simple instructions regarding what is expected of the finder including to pass it on or drop it off in another locale. I know it would be less likely to see any real success, but the rewards would be unbelievable. Maybe someone will take up that idea and run with it.