Little piggie nails

Not that I consider myself a tough guy or anything, but I still find it somewhat embarrassing at what a little girl I turn into when it comes to animals. I gush over my guinea pigs, but worse than that is how nervous I get when it comes to certain procedures. I refer to the process of trimming their nails. Guinea pig nails grow a whole lot – I guess these would normally help defend them in whatever bizarro world has little piggies running around wild in jungles. Anywho, once they’re domesticated the responsibility of keeping their nails trimmed falls upon the owner.

I did a whole lot of research on the net and came across some good articles on the whole procedure. In the end, it worked because of Lisa. By myself I got squeamish and dropped the clippers the first time Teddy squealed. Working together we got these two in much better shape – Sebastian hadn’t had a chance to trim their nails for awhile before handing them over. I’ll probably pick up a pair of clippers designed for small animals like he had.

As a note, I’m still redesigning the guineacam. Regardless of the changes, they might not appear too often as they’ve gotten into the habit of sleeping beneath the cam.