Where time becomes a loop

Woke up this morning to find an IM from the dj rekall saying that Orbital would be calling it quits in June. I had hoped his news source was a little mixed up – alas he was right. I guess it’s good to see them go out in top form (well, I’m assuming their last album will be yet another masterpiece 🙂 ), but it’s doubtful that I’ll get to see either of their final shows in England. At least I got to see them a few times when they were here in the States.

For those of you unfamiliar, Orbital are the Brothers P+P – Phil and Paul Hartnoll. Possibly the most groundbreaking electronic act of our time. Since ’89 they’ve been pumping out music that not only pulsates across dance floors, but fills your mind with the amazing possibilites held within our aural senses. Their performances demonstrated that electronic music could truly be live and included improvisations their antecedents had not dreamt of. I suggest that you take some time to visit their site and listen to some samples. I’ll more than gladly recommend additional listening material to anyone interested.

One thought on “Where time becomes a loop”

  1. Yes it was sad to see them call it a day and to be honest their last album and final shows were a bit of a letdown (Why no Are We here? “Warning Warning Nuclear Attack”-awesome). But they will “Forever” live in our hearts. Cheers boys and thanks for the (short term) memories!!!

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