And the pick is…

I just wanted to mention how much football rocks and why the NFL is the most popular league in the country. It’s a Saturday in the middle of April, months removed from both the Super Bowl and the start of next season, and I’m watching the draft on TV. I’m getting excited about who teams – that I don’t even care about – pick. Brian and I have already screamed our heads off over the stupidity of the Giants, not to mention how cool the Raiders and Jets picks are. And oh yeah, the Eagles haven’t even picked yet! I love this game!

One thought on “And the pick is…”

  1. Ironically, I read this the day after the NHL announces yet another bone-headed “improvement” they’re considering. Remind me to vent next time I’m over… which I should do sometime this week, if I want that bottle of wine back 😉 oh, and I have something to drop off for you as well.

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