A magical, musical (and expensive) weekend

Saturday finally rolled around last weekend (can you believe I had to wait all week for it?!?!) and Lisa and I planned a shopping trip. That was also the day of the draft, which meant the Eagles were holding a rally down in Philly with players (and cheerleaders 😉 ) making appearances. Unfortunately neither Mike nor Brian could make the trip, so I decided that shopping was good enough for me. What can I say? I may be an avid football freak, but I still grew up with six older sisters!

The shopping itself went rather quickly, because I just wanted some new pants and maybe a couple shirts that would easily be located at the Van Heusen store at the Seacacus Outlets. Also, Lisa didn’t have anything too specific to look for, so she was practically just tagging along. I was also in a bit of a rush as Brian was planning on going to Rondo Music, and after a description of the place I was intent on going, too.

You see Rondo specializes in non-name brand guitars, basses, etc. at butt-cheap prices. And that’s really the only way I can describe it. Brian was looking for another guitar to replace the Telecoustic that he plans on selling soon and found just the right one rather quickly. Meanwhile, I had aspirations of picking up an acoustic bass to help encourage me in my (stunted) endeavours to learn. Meanwhile, I was thinking it would be cool for Lisa to get a 12-string, but instead she fell in love with one beautiful 6-string from Agile (pictures will follow as soon as I either a) get my camera back from my sister’s car or b) get the cable for Lisa’s). Knocked down to $99 from well over $200, I didn’t even flinch at buying it for her.

In the meantime, I managed to find a gorgeous fretless electric bass that made me forget about the prices on the acoustics (they only had 2, both over $250). There was no decision to be made – the first time I really fiddled around on bass was on a fretless, and it never quite feels right otherwise. I know that sounds silly considering I’m just a beginner and I’m technically making it much harder on myself (the fingerboard is still marked), but it’s just my preference. And for $110, well let’s just say that Sam Ash and Guitar Center rarely even bother to stock fretless basses, and when they do it’s more like $800. And since things just keep getting better, this sweet unit was already fitted with magnificent flat-wound strings. I just can’t get over the whole feel of it, and the sheer bargain finding it was.

Not to be outdone, even Mike joined in the fray and decided he should learn a little gee-tar. Being a southpaw, his options were far more limited (although one of the sexiest six-string basses they had was only for lefties). Nevertheless, he found a really good deal on a starter unit that suited him just fine – and yes Mike, I think the wood look is cooler than the all black. Last night he was already playing some decent chord progressions and should be able to join in some jams faster than I can 🙂

Afterwards we all hit one of Brian’s favorite place, Famous Dave’s. Awesome food. That place is why God gave us pork and BBQ sauce. We stuffed our faces with all sorts of meat goodness and enjoyed a great atmosphere thanks to a sweet waitress (who was already friends with Brian, being the regular that he is). She was nice enough to look the other way when I asked about the really cool 22 oz. beer mug she gave me 🙂 . I’m sure they will see us again.

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