Another wasted weekend

I’ve been so busy at work so far this week that I didn’t even get to complain about my stupid weekend. I work late on Friday, and Lisa was already home since her early evening apointment in the city fell through. Of course we were both tired and the end result was the usual – we bailed on the planned excursion to catch Eugene (and possibly High Speed Chase) at CBGB. Totally lame, but I still had big plans for the rest of the weekend. Yeah, right…

Saturday was pretty miserable outside. It was rainy enough that I didn’t want to chance taking the camera out and about. That also meant that there was little chance of me heading up to Stevens for the alumni weekend – even if it is technically my 5th reunion. So instead I sat around playing games until Brian, Mike and I decided to head on over to Modell’s to hunt for sporting goods. It turned into more of a clothes-shopping expedition, but I did end up buying a Whiffle Ball & Bat! Oh the joys of pelting your neighbor’s car with a harmless puff of plastic. Unfortunately there were no gloves my size, and our subsequent game of catch was pathetic at best.

Yes, I made it home in time to catch yet another heartbreaker for Philly. Which simply turned into a lot more beer drinking for me before we finally ordered some wings, etc. So in the end, the whole day was pretty much awash.

Of course that meant the only possibility for Sunday was more miserable weather which discouraged Lisa (not the g/f, the co-worker) and I from going ahead with our planned hike. Oh joy, not a single picture taken the entire weekend. Sure, that night was cool as a bunch of us went to Johnny Carino’s in Bridgewater for dinner, but the rest was a big fat disappointment. Next week I’m planning on sitting on my ass the entire time – that way I’ll be pleasantly surprised when something cool comes up, or content to merely catch up on all my missed opportunities for ass-sitting.

Tonight Lisa (the g/f this time) and I will be checking out an apartment in Montclair. Let’s hope it goes better than the weekend.

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  1. Look on the bright side – at least you didn’t take any blurry photos 🙂

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