10 thoughts on “Reagan is dead, long live… someone else”

  1. Sandy, you should’ve seen it when we heard Strom died. Thom, Mark and I were sitting in our living room while the news was on in the background. Between the three of us we’re pretty loud but I still managed to hear the announcement.

    I called their attention to it and after they said the magic words ‘Strom Thurmond has passed away’ we kinda sat there in stunned silence…

    Then we cheered. Loudly and with great fervor. I even think there were high fives 😛

    For Reagan, while I hated the man (to put it simply, HE’S the one responsible for modern terrorism; let’s not forget he gave money/aid to Saddam with full knowledge he was gassing Kurds and to Osama to fight the Russians in Afghanistan) I only shrugged and made a promise to myself that I’ll avoid tv this week cause I knew what was coming.

    Though, I will say I’m happy my office decided to not open tomorrow. Many thanks to the old bastard for FINALLY going away 😛

  2. There were [i]definitely[/i] high-fives at the Strom news flash 🙂

    I had a short conversation with – of all people – Joe Cook earlier this week, where he mentioned that because of the new Reagan mini-holiday, they’d be closing down the stock market, and probably causing the loss of millions of dollars that day. My only comment was “he had to mess with the economy []ione[/i] last time, huh?”

  3. er… crap. I used the wrong italics tags. I just came from another board where they use the ones above, with the square brackets. My bad.

  4. It’s good to hear this kind of reaction from other people. I’m finally starting to hear more and more of a negtive response to Herr Bush these days, especially from people I wouldn’t expect it from. That might mean this country is actually ready to get out of this dumbass rut.

    Mark – As for the brackets, I know WP used to support those, but it might not in comments. I’ll have to look into it, because I can’t find that setting anymore.

  5. As far as unexpected reactions, I heard Reagan’s son was somewhat miffed that Bush has been trying to align himself with Ronald and his legacy, in essence riding on the coatails of the man’s reputation (and the sympathy of his death) to what I’m assuming he hopes will be a higher approval rating.

    This might line up with the rumors I heard that Bush’s PR team wants to use footage of Reagan in upcoming political ads (probaby in time for the RNC.) They already used 9/11 images, and they’re going to practically be at ground zero for their convention; trying to use Reagan’s image to further his polical career wouldn’t surprise me.

    In addition to Reagan Jr, Nancy has been somewhat outspoken over Dubya’s opposition to stem cell research (in fact, I think she started to push for it strongly even before his death.) For all the self-inflicted negative publicity that the Democratic nomination brought with it, it looks like George may be on the receiving end of some as well.

  6. Oh, and another thought I had today… for as much as people are crediting Reagan with ending the Cold War and the downfall of the USSR, the total demise of that country – when coupled with the arms race right before it – no doubt contributed to danger of nukes on the black market. Add that to your statement about how Reagan helped out Saddam and bin Laden, and well… yea. Looks like we’ve been creating our own problems. Sounds about par for the course.

  7. As far as stem cell research goes, I wonder how supportive Nancy would be if that was being used to help AIDS patients instead of Alzheimer’s…

  8. Well, you know, Alzheimer’s is a disease, AIDS is just God’s punishment to the wicked :p Seriously though, you have a good point. But at least some folks on the right are starting to criticize Bush and his policies, even if I don’t agree with them across the board or on every issue, it’s better than silent disagreement or unthinking support.

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