4 thoughts on “The Pros and Cons of Censorship”

  1. I am arguing the cons of censorship on Monday in a Public Speaking class. I understand that many people out there would love to be given a roadmap of what to and what not to say, hear, and think. However, there is one little problem with the America that we live in right now- the constitution. That document is supposed to give us the right to say and think what we want (pending it is not threating to others) (meaning physically disabling or fearful) however, our citizens are trading their freedoms for security without a second thought.
    Basically, the thought is this. If you tell me what’s best for me, I’ll believe you because I want to feel safe. That is BS! We are Americans for God’s sake. Each of us should at least support our rights and not hand them over because someone told us to. That is not Freedom—-That is communism.
    So, next time you see something or hear something you don’t like—for that matter say or write something that may offend others—-remember that is the right of the speaker (auther) and if you don’t like it—-turn it off, walk away, protest, whatever…….but remeber this…..it is our right to say, write, and see what we choose…..not the government or FCC’s . Be an American. Don’t just give your freedoms away.

  2. “That is not Freedom?-That is communism.”

    You already lost me by this point. Firstly, you obviously don’t know what communism truly means. Secondly, from your comments I can tell that you obviously didn’t even read the article. I’m far from pro-censorship, but I could at least appreciate the government’s decision at that time.

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