I’ve been debating about the best way to break this news to people. I haven’t even told my family yet. But little by little word has made its way around my various circles and I now must divulge this heartbreaker. Lisa and I have signed a lease, which means that we will definitely be leaving Hoboken at the end of July. That’s right, after nearly 9 years I’ll be branching out beyond the Mile Square City. Now Lisa and I must prepare to hitch our wagons up and make the long trek West. We will be following the many pioneers before us and following the great trail of yuppiedom they laid out. You guessed it, next stop Montclair!

I know, I know, what’s the big deal. We’re moving about 15 miles away and will still have easy access to our beloved town and the City itself. It’s not like we have to cut ties and won’t be seeing folks for ages. Still, once you’ve lived in Hoboken you develop quite an attachment to the area and a rather close-knit feeling for the world. Everything is at your fingertips, and those fingertips never have to go far to get to it. Nevertheless, we needed the change.

The last couple weeks have begun to feel like a farewell tour. We hit the Ristra more in June than the rest of the year combined. I’ve wandered over to the Nag’s on multiple occasions, long after my regular visits had dwindled to monthly drop-ins at best. Last night Dan finally dragged me out to Uncle Joe’s along with Vinnie. Joseph couldn’t make it, so we’ll certainly be out again even before I leave (and afterward), but it still feels odd and somewhat final. It’s been a lot of fun lately, and I think it will continue more heavily once Lisa and I get things into some sense of normalcy at the new digs.

In the meantime, I’ll be looking for a new hosting service as I doubt I’ll be able to handle it myself anymore. And along with that, look for some serious redesigns and some honest-to-goodness photo updates (that’s right Patricia, I will get around to it soon).

2 thoughts on “Westward-ho”

  1. Yeah, I remember when I left Hoboken. I only spent 5 years there, but the second I was living in my parents’ house again I swear I was out there all the time (I even took a job teaching for a program at Stevens). I knew that once I left NJ my trips to Hoboken would be few and far between. You’re lucky you’re only going a short drive away! Imagine going 850 miles away. And when you are home, you have to cram everything from a Vito’s sub to a slice at Gio’s to a drink at Ristra and Mile Square and East LA into 4 days, all while trying to see friends and family. Not easy, my friend. Not easy at all.

    Congrats on the co-signing of the lease! Will I get to see the two of you at my next party?

  2. Yeah, I keep reassuring myself that Montclair really isn’t that far (especially considering I drive through part of it on my fairly short communte to work).

    As far as the party, I’m hoping that at the very least an appearance will be made. Lisa and I have a lot to coordinate this month (including a number of parties 🙂 ), so I have to check with her and plan accordingly.

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