The Smartest Man Alive

If you don’t know the Wikipedia* by now, you really should. It is a wonderful source of information freely provided by your fellow netizens. Nevertheless, it is not without its issues (although these are generally fixable). Today, for example, I was browsing their pages on the Presidency (now I know exactly where to go whenever I need some quick info on any of our past leaders) and decided to check out the entry on Dubya himself. It may have been has already been corrected by now, but at the time it looked like this (click for a larger image):

The Wikipedia entry for George Bush

I’ve highlighted the relevent material, and now I will enlarge it for easy reading:

Bush is considered smart?

For those who can’t see the image, it reads, “He is also a member of MENSA and is widely regrded [sic] by scientists as the ‘Smartest Man Alive'”. Possibly the most humorous part would be the misspelling of “regarded” and the lack of punctuation. Way to hammer home why it’s the liberals who are known for their intellect. If you go to the history page of this entry you can see that this has gone back and forth, including my personal favorite edit: “Like his father, Bush is a liar, idiot, asshole, fraud and was educated at Phillips Academy and Yale University.”

Ah, the power of the Interweb.

* – I won’t bother going into the concept of a Wiki, but for the purposes of this post it is a site that can be edited by anyone, thus allowing for public contributions.