Little Lost Birdie

Last night, long before I actually left work (more on that later), Lisa called me after finding a little parakeet on the sidewalk. Obviously not one of Hoboken’s indigenous feathered friends, she quickly noted his dire predicament. A kind (though somewhat confused) old man who also bore witness to this little lost birdie suggested using her sweater to rescue the little guy. Being the sweet soul that she is, Lisa swept him up and gently carried him back to her place. Of course that left me with the task of picking up bird feed on the way home 😛 .

Little Lost Birdie

Well, he is adorable, and I certainly bear no ill-will for her rescue. But I do hope that the real owner will see one of the many posters she put up last night:

Do You Recognize This Bird?

5 thoughts on “Little Lost Birdie”

  1. Mmmm… Dunkin Doughnuts. Saw the bag in the picture. If I’d had time I probably would have stopped this morning and picked me up a doughnut and some coffee.

  2. Hehe, that’s the problem with living right around the corner from DD – you just can’t avoid it. I like their stuff, but it’s just not good to eat it too regularly!

  3. Not yet, just someone saying he’ll take the bird if the real owner doesn’t show up. But since we’ve turned Mike’s old room into a temporary aviary I’m sure the bird doesn’t mind. Lisa has said she’ll be putting more posters up soon (since most of the old ones are gone already), but I’m afraid she might be sabotaging the effort since she’s falling in love with the little guy.

    Why, are you interested in taking car of a cute little parakeet?

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