The return of orangeguru

Wow, not only am I back online, but so is orangeguru and his amazin’ blog. I first stumbled upon Dieter’s site through a rather random link (I believe it was a /. comment) and must say that his commentary on various graphics, photos, and images absolutely astounded me. Unfortunately, not long after my discovery he decided to close up shop and eventually pulled the archives. It was rather disappointing as I never even got around to sharing his wonderful site with others.

Thankfully, the other day I found an e-mail from Dieter in my inbox letting me know that he just couldn’t stay away for that long. So the link goes up on the sidebar, and now I get to promote his site to my (limited) viewing audience. Whether he is commenting on the modern view of beauty, reinventing pulp fiction, modernizing the classics, engaging in the oddest of political debates, or questioning our digital souls Dieter has a brilliant eye for the world around him and a rather singular wit. I hope you enjoy his site as much as I do. And if you get the chance, let him know what you think about his own artwork.

6 thoughts on “The return of orangeguru”

  1. I have just found out that I can no longer link to dieter’s site in any way. A few minutes ago, I sent a short e-mail to him, which was returned to me. (On and off we corresponded for some time.) Do you know what has happened? Every time I have tried to link to his site I have recieved some kind of message that says Forbidden!

    My husband tried also on another computer with the same result.

    I am not very computer savy. Can you help me understand? Judi

  2. Come on, Dieter – I’d only just found your site and was 1/2 way thru checking the archives, and you pull the pin! When you read this, please fix things. By the way, thanks for the tip about Goldfrapp – you were right.

  3. Uhhh, so many readers! I am very VERY sorry people … on that particular date I had a bad blogging day … too many crashes for my fragile ego! Please forgive me … the blog is back to normal …

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