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Although posted in a decidedly more conservative forum, here we have 20 things you have to believe to be a Republican today. The list actually has a lot of good points, and summarizes many of the rather duplicitous actions and/or statements of the Republican Party. A lot of it focuses on areas in which the GOP attacks Dems and liberals for one thing, and that okays it when one of their own is found guilty (prime example of this would be the current Keyes fiasco). Hypocrisy goes both ways, and I know that many Democrats are guilty of the same, but certainly not to the level of the Republican party as a whole. Don’t even bother reading the comments on that page, they’re just ridiculous.

Not too surprisingly, someone decided to do a rebuttal with “Things You Have to Believe to Be a Democrat Today”. They managed to squeeze out 28 items, but considering 7 of them are directly related to anti-gun statements, it’s a tad bloated. I’ll give the guy credit for some good ones (such as the comparison of gun laws and birth-control laws or even respecting all religions except Chrisitianity), but many of them either don’t reflect the common beliefs of Democrats, the leaders of the party themselves, or make any sense (I really don’t understand number 7 at all). When all you can do is simply reverse the wording and act as though you’ve made a counterpoint, you’re really stretching.

Liberals didn’t attack Rush for being a drug addict, but for being a hypocrite. Democrats didn’t say Arnie should be removed from office for his past womanizing, but questioned his principals when it came out. And the “baseless claims” that Bush went AWOL merely hammer home the point – why are his records so secured yet the records of Democrats are constantly forced open?

I guess what it comes down to is that I’m not a Democrat, and barely even a liberal, so I already disagree with a lot of what the counter list states. But on the other hand, the original (albeit somewhat childish) Republican belief list does manage to follow much of Bush’s thinking. Whether or not the Party truly believes that is another story.

Why am I writing about politics again?

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  1. You’re right, but it’s exactly because I care that I hate writing about it. I tend to get so upset as I read the news that I just can’t articulate my thoughts properly. Thus, I try to avoid controversial subjects such as this because my posts never seem to truly say what I want them too. But I guess as long as the information gets out…

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