2 thoughts on “Firefox Preview Release”

  1. Actually, today I switched back to Opera, after running for a long time on FF. Why? Because the overall integration is still better. I guess it will take at least three to six month till all FF plugins, themes and little HTML bugs are removed from it … let’s say I am joining back around version 1.2.1?!


  2. I don’t blame you. My main concern is IE users. And the fact that IE actually lost 2% of the market recently, it looks like their listening. I’m really impressed with the direction Firefox is going these days (my address bar actually turn yellow when I’m at a secure site!), so I’ll deal with the bugs (as long as they don’t kill my overall experience). I’d say check back with the final release of 1.0. But if Opera works well for you… who am I to argue?

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