I may hate his movies but…

I still love the design! I finally got sick of blorange, and have to admit that it’ll be awhile before I get around to my own design. So with the announcement of a new, simplified version of Kubrick from Michael Heilemann.

The site has also moved… sort of. As mentioned previously, I moved the WordPress install into a subdirectory with the intent of eventually moving the whole blog there in case I ever want to do something different at neverhood.net besides just hosting this silly thing. Well, it was causing even more headaches than before as I kept forgetting to update certain files and moving things to different areas, etc. So after upgrading to the latest nightly and installing Kubrick, I also switched this blog over to neverhood.net/blog. Have no fear, the root of the site will automagically redirect to the blog until something more useful appears there, and I’ll be working on rewrite rules to make all the old permalinks work, too. At this point, at least the feeds should be redirecting for those with aggregators (although you might still want to try re-subscribing, just in case).

Now that I’ve probably completely screwed up my pagerank (yay!), I can get on with cleaning this place up. Gallery will most likely be removed completely, and I’m thinking of switching to Coppermine in its place. If nothing else, I really need to scrap the current botched install.

As the dust settles and I glance around, I certainly like the direction this is heading. Thanks, Michael, for making such a great design for us all!

NOTE: Crap, the latest WP nightly happens to have a bug were the somewhat important “Publish” button is no longer available. If you can see this post, it means I finally fixed it.

5 thoughts on “I may hate his movies but…”

  1. If you can see this post, it means I finally fixed it.

    I guess you finally fixed it 😉 I like the new look; not that there was anything wrong with the old one, but change is good sometimes. Plus, I like blue 🙂

  2. Thanks. I look at this site now and think, “Wow, did I do that?” And then I say, “No.” That’s why I’ll still be working on my own ideas, although this will probably be a springboard.

    Jess, I love your new design. I’m so behind on all of my reading lately that I didn’t even see it until now. I really love it. What can I say… I’m a sucker for orange!

  3. Very cool style … it suits you! And I agree orange can be very cool – but you can get sick over everything over time. I am curious about your experiences with Coppermine – I recommend to have a look at JAlbum as well.

  4. And Mr. Kubricks movies: some of his stuff is certainly not very entertaining, but old stuff has always to be watched with their time/frame of reference in mind.

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