Goodbye and thanks for nothing

So I move two months ago… well almost two months ago. As is typical with moves, things got misplaced, especially bills. A couple bill payments were missed, and I corrected them as soon as possible. One of them was my Fleet/Bank of America card. I forgot to schedule the payment for July and wasn’t notified until almost September about the mistake. As soone as I realized that, I hoped on the schedule and paid for both months so they would see that I wasn’t skipping out or anything. I mean they did get an address change request a month before and all that. You’d think they would be able to put one and one together, right?


Last night I came home to find a letter forwarded from my old address. It was dated 3 weeks ago and almost a month after I had submitted the address change with them. In it, Fleet/Bank of America told me that my account had be canceled due to delinquency and suggested that I try not to hide from this matter as it will only get worse. It was basically a threat. A threat written after I made a payment and sent to the wrong address. And according to the date on the letter, it was written a week before they sent me my new card. And they expect me to want them in charge of my money?

Quick visit to the Citi website. Instead of canceling that card as I had intended, I transfered the remaining balance of the Fleet/Bank of America card over to them. I then called up Fleet/Bank of America card services and yelled at the guy (who sounded like he was another outsourced rep as I could barely understand him through his accent) about how outrageous this was. I then explained that I wanted to make sure the account was definitely closed, and because of how they handled the situation I would also be closing my checking and savings accounts at my earliest possible convenience. Thanks a lot, Fleet/Bank of America, you further empasized the point that my money is better off in a shoebox under my bed.

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