Getting Things Done

With apologies to bsag’s dive into self-help, I just felt like bragging that I feel like I’m catching up with my life. Today I managed to get 5 bills for Lisa and myself out in the mail, along with finally filling out and mailing 3 rebates worth $90 total. I also got the information for a couple other rebates that I will get together tonight (worth at least $60, although possibly heading towards another $90). Along with these tasks, I put together folders containing bills and such that I’ve been toting back and forth between work and home, yet accomplishing nothing with. Now I’ll shoot over to the DMV website to renew my registration and update my address at the same time. That will help me with switching my car insurance – I’m eligible for Manufacturer’s Auto Insurance and I got their number today. That doesn’t even touch upon the work I’m actually doing,,, well… for work. Time to get those IT forms finished!