San Andreas

Today I placed my pre-order for GTA San Andreas. “But it come out tomorrow,” you say. “Why bother pre-ordering now?” Well, the guys at the local Game Stop told me that the shipment will be in at 7 tonight. Chances are, it will sell out. But if I put the pre-order in then, I’d still have it guaranteed for tonight. Oh well, it was nice spending time with my girlfriend, but I guess that will have to come to a stop now. Any of you fools silly enough to not pick it up right away are welcome to watch me enjoy killing sprees with mouths gaping.

The release comes at a crappy time, financially. Last week I already dropped a chunk of change to pick up the much delayed DVD release of Tim Burton’s masterpiece Ed Wood, as well as the first season of the greatest new show on TV, Arrested Development and the latest installment of Invader Zim. On top of that, Best Buy also had the special collector’s edition of Hellboy and the final season of Farscape out on the shelf. Somehow I managed to make it out of there with my bank account intact. But it looks like the coming months could be difficult. Especially if I finally cave in and join the Xbox community in time for the next big thing. Hey, who needs to save money, anyway.

4 thoughts on “San Andreas”

  1. Yea, I just picked up Gradius V and I’m enjoying that… once Halo2 is out I won’t have time for GTA:SA, as amazing as that sounds. By the time I get off my Halo high, I’ll probably be able to snag a copy of GTA (assuming they have a secong printing of the game ready withing 6 months or so.)

    I need to snag the new Dawn of the Dead and aforementioned Hellboy as well.

    And all this while trying to save money for redoing my place. If you come by friday, you can see my one coat of paint on one part of one wall. But hey, I can say I started painting 🙂

    If you do go with the Xbox, though, please consider Xbox live, or at least, Xbox connect. The later uses your LAN and internet connection to connect to your friends, fooling the xbox into thinking you’re all on a LAN connection. Some games handle Live and :AN play differently, but for something like Co-op Halo, it should be identical.

  2. and by :AN I mean “LAN.” Although I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before my “colon area network” idea catches on…

  3. I’d love to try that sometime. I’ve talked to people who have – quite an experience. Unfortunately I haven’t driven stick in about 10 years, so I don’t think I’m quite prepared.

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