The Red Sox got nuthin’ on Philly

I’m not even going to get into the whole TO horror. This is what you come to expect as a Philly fan. For those of you who doubt, I will remind you that McNabb (who was the leading League MVP candidate at the top) fractured his ankle and was not 100% for our second consecutive championship loss in 2002, and Westbrook (having a breakout year including 13 touchdowns) tore his tricep at the end of last season on our way to championship loss number 3. I’m not giving up hope, but things are going to be a lot tougher than imagined.

Now as for the game on Sunday, man what a blast. The Linc is an awesome stadium – especially after the shithole that was the Vet. Lisa and I arrived early enough to explore some of the stadium, and I really liked it. Clean, well laid-out, nice amenities. The pro shop was overcrowded, but at least I got to look around at the ridiculous amount of merchandise available (and I informed Lisa that our children will, in fact, be wearing these). We also saw the Honor Roll and other areas highlighting their history. My dream come true.

As for the seats, we were in the seventh row back from the North endzone. The seats were incredible because of how close they are, but you do have some drawbacks being behind the endzone. For starters, stuff going on at the other endzone mystifies you. Also, the goal posts can play havoc with your view. Nevertheless, they were great seats to have, especially considering that’s where the Eagles scored their winning touchdown. Yeah, I was staring right down at the spot where Levens lept over the line – really awesome. That really made up for the fact that the offense stalled like crazy most of the game, and there was a lot of non-scoring going on for much of it.

The situation felt miserable for a while as it looked like they would lose by the ridiculous score of 7-6 due to a (GASP!) block extra point kick, and then the freezing cold rain drifted in. But the crowd kept getting behind the team. Every third down the Cowboys faced was met with tens of thousands of screaming idiots stomping their feet. Every drive started by the Eagles was met by encouraging cheers. And the thrilling end was quite an incredible feeling.

Afterward we had dinner at my sister’s house. It was a nice cool down period to follow the emotional ups and downs of the game. Unfortunately it started to snow while we were eating, and the plummeting temperatures froze the roads. My car doesn’t handle well in the winter AT ALL! The drive (thanks in part to the last minute coffee I downed) was rather nerveracking. Although we only skidded once (very briefly), I never felt at ease until we pulled into the driveway. Lisa was kind enough to give me a massage once home, and that helped me to sleep like a baby.

I got some great pictures (which I’ll try to get up tonight), but the rain prevented me from getting a lot of the action shots I would have loved. And Lisa being next to me prevented me from getting great a lot of great cheerleader shots, too. 😉