System Restored

I messed up my computer at work. Real bad. Something (most likely a stupid Sonic driver) was causing BSOD’s. So I checked Dell’s site for updates. Foolishly I used their new “Automatic Updates” tool. They must have a lot of work left to do there, because it looks like it installed all the wrong drivers on my system. Once you screw up the USB drivers, don’t expect to be able to use your wireless keyboar and mouse combo.

After screwing around for awhile, I finally decided to use the System Restore function of XP (which I’m usually trying to disable). What do you know? It worked! I selected the restore point automatically created before the driver installed, and a few minutes later my system restarted in working condition. I admit that I’m impressed. Rarely did the “Last Known Good Configuration” option actually fix anything for me in NT, but they seemed to have gotten it right with System Restore. I guess I won’t be disabling it anymore.

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