My kingdom for a search engine

Is there anyway to search the archives of a livejournal user? Am I missing something obvious here? I just want to quote somebody, and I can’t find the stinkin’ entry. Any search I find only looks for usernames… what kind of crap is this? ARRGGH!

Please, everybody, switch to useful blogging software! The LJ interface is killing me!

4 thoughts on “My kingdom for a search engine”

  1. That’s one of me near-future goals – get a real domain registered and set up, start doing some real website design again, and proper blogging.

    In other news – 7 posts in 5 days? The the Thom we all know and love back? 🙂

  2. If you need help with any of that, I’m sure I can hook you up with some free hosting. I’m already paying for the reseller account and not using all of it, so I’ve got no problem hosting friends for free.

    And yeah, I’m coming back in full force. Between work and the Eagles, I’ve been neglectfull of this site, and my life. Now that it’s just work, I can easily make time fore everything else again 🙂

  3. so I’ve got no problem hosting friends for free.
    You and me, we need to talk 🙂

    Between work and the Eagles
    Between work and NO FREAKIN HOCKEY, I can kind of imagine how that works 😛

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