What do you get when you combine a failed sex life, improvisation, mockumentary humor, and a low budget? No, not me. Unscrewed.

Last night Lisa and I headed into the city to catch a screening of this small indie film currently playing at the Quad Cinema. It’s only playing there until the 17th, so please check out a showing if you have the opportunity. It’s an incredibly funny mockumentary about a couple suffering from the usual sex life pangs that accompany married life, and their quest for the answers. They see a bizarre therapist (played by Lisa’s friend Doug), a clueless urologist, and some really creepy tantric yoga “instructors.” The humor and awkwardness of the situations is really amplified, and the improvisational skills of the cast are superb. They still manage to make the entire film “seem real” no matter how strange the situations become (one festival actually accepted the film into it’s documentary category by accident). We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and I urge you to go take a chance on the not-so-big cinema.

As for the rest of the evening, we decided to eat at the Republic. Fortunately my friend Chris was available to join us for some good conversation and awesome noodles (that Chicken Udon was out of this world). Even though it’s the type of place that “true” New Yorkers avoid on a Friday night, it turned out to be a minimal wait and great prices. Plus, I just don’t drink Sapporo that often, and it really goes well with Asian cuisine.

Since there was plenty of time before the movie started, we swung by Barnes and Noble so I could pick up and book about my Digital Rebel (I still have so much to learn) and then had drinks at the Cosi around the corner. Mmmm, chocolate and butterscotch liquer in coffee. Good times.

But most importantly we swung by Chris’s apartment before heading home. Including college, I’ve lived with him in three different places (and one of those included multiple tenures) and yet I never saw where he moved when he came back from LA. And that was over 2 years ago! Since that’s way too long for him to stay in one spot, he’ll be moving by the end of next month. I swore I wouldn’t let him leave without me seeing his setup, so last night was the perfect opportunity. Kind of gives you a mission accomplished feel.

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  1. Actually, I think it might be even more appealing to a single person. While the trials and tribulations of keeping a relationship going definitely appeals to couples, the overall message was really about the ridiculous value modern society places on sex.

    I really miss the days when I wasn’t constantly bombarded with messages that you are a miserable failure unless you’re “getting it up and getting it on” regularly.

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