Great Googily Moogily

Holy crap, what happened to my webpage? Did I finally get off my ass and do a redesign? Well, sort of. I got sick of the default look to the point that something needed to change. And since I wasn’t likely to change my taste to accept such monotony, I decided to start editing. As you should be able to discern, I really didn’t change much. A couple tweaks with the sidebar, a new background color, and, of course, the new header was all it took to make this homepage a little more… homey.

I honestly miss my old, yet outdated, 3-column desing I did wayback in the early days of this site. At least it truly felt like my site when I looked at it. Now, I can’t help but realize it’s mine by looking at it. The changes were kept minimal at this point in order to afford myself time to work on the gallery, and other areas of great disrepair. But don’t be surprised to see things shifting about as the dust settles on my new endeavor.

A quick suggestion to everybody out there with WordPress installs currently using the default theme. Create a header image (about 760px by 200px) that represents a little about yourself or your site. Call it personalheader.jpg. Next, upload it to the wp-content/themes/default/images directory of your site. While there, delete the default images (you can always get them again if you need them). Voila, a personalized site. It will be a whitewashed rendition of the Kubrick layout, with your own header for that personal touch. Then you can take your time creating your very own theme to truly make it your site.

P.S. (To answer the question on all of your minds, yes, that handsome devil up top is in fact Teddy)

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