Images served right

I’ve been looking for a good photo plugin for WordPress. What I really wanted was a simple way to generate thumbnails for posts, but link a popup window for the full-sized image. This weekend I stumbled across David Seah’s Lazy Image Layout which appears to give me exactly what I need.

!@(images/broinlaws.jpg:R popimg: “Doin’ the dishes”)
So here’s my test. Lacking any real good pictures at hand to post, I present you with a photo of two of my brother-in-laws washing dishes.

UPDATE: Hey, waddya know? It works beautifully! Thanks a lot, and great work David. Hopefully I’ll get used to the syntax, and this will mean more frequent use of photos in my posts.

UPDATE 2: David changed the RSS functionality so the thumbnails now appear in my feeds, too. But only the full post ones – not that I really get the idea of excerpted feeds.

7 thoughts on “Images served right”

  1. ARGH! Well, that’ll have to do for now. I’ll try to talk to the writer and see if there’s a way to fix that – I don’t want to limit the RSS feeds too much and I definitely want at least the thumbnails included.

  2. That’s what I get for not using RSS 🙂 What is screwing up in the feed?

    I’ve been researching the problem, and it seems that excerpts can’t have images in them, but full posts can. I’ve uploaded an experimental version back at the site.

  3. Thanks. It was a very simple tweak, but I’m really liking it. For the first time in awhile I feel like I’m coming to my own blog again.

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