I walked down the right back alley

Mark and I caught Sin City tonight. It was the most violent, gruesome, bloody, and graphic film I’ve ever seen. Wow, what a ride. The style, direction, and characters were all amazingly well done. From start to finish I was completely drawn into the entire comic world Frank Miller created. I’d say more if I could, but my mind is so completely scattered from the intense cinematic experience that I can’t organize my thoughts.

However I do need to make one major statement: DO NOT TAKE KIDS TO SEE THIS MOVIE! Yes, that did need to be in all caps. To the people behind us who brought their 9 year-old girl: YOU ARE HORRIBLE PARENTS. Incredible film, but not for kids.

5 thoughts on “I walked down the right back alley”

  1. Maybe they thought all the stuff in the trailers was a prelude to a big birthday party, with clowns. Kids love clowns.

    Seriously, are babysitters that hard to come by these days? Buy the kid a gameboy and lock the doors – they’ll be fine for 3 hours. There really is nothing quite like hearing a child ask “why is he drowning?” in the middle of an R movie. Or “cover your eyes, don’t watch.”

  2. I really couldn’t believe that they stayed for the entire movie. In order to edit that movie down to what I wouldn’t mind a 9 or 10 year old seeing it would probably be under 10 minutes.

    Once again: It’s called SIN CITY! Not HAPPY FUN TIME KID SHOW!

  3. Okay… here’s the thing. I’m not a huge fan of gore. I’m ok with violence, a la Heat or other shoot-anything-that-moves kind of movie. Fighting is ok, but protracted torture scenes and make my stomach turn. I got through Fight Club mostly okay (I still can’t watch when he beats the shit out of Jared Leto) so would I be able to watch this?

    So, I want to see this movie and don’t want to at the same time. Any thoughts? Suggestions?

  4. Hmm. My guess is that if you could make it through Fight Club, you could make it through this primarily for one reason: the comic style. It really lessons the blow of a lot of the scenes, especially when the blood is rarely red. There are a lot of references to torture, but most of the scenes don’t actually show what they do to people, rather just the results. What they do imply happens, however, could turn your stomach.

    It is over two hours long, and there’s a whole lotta serious beatdowns in there. I’m sure you would have no problem renting it, although the visuals are killer on the big screen. Did you see Fight Club in the theaters? I’d say if you could sit through that one with far more realistic brutality, you should be ok with this.

    And believe me, the various plots and the characters really make this movie work far beyond the bloody T&A flick many might mistake it for.

  5. I saw Fight Club in Burchard, so big screen-ish and I was mostly ok, with the exeception of that one beating scene (ew) so I think this would be ok. Thanks 🙂

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