the future is tomorrow…

Since it’s already being passed around LJ, I figured I’d try to help out in the blogosphere. From my friend Joseph, a request for help on creating a very geek-like library:

Subject: the future is tomorrow…
From: “joseph agostinelli”
Date: Thu, April 7, 2005 11:29 pm

Friends, strangers, and hopefully fellow geeks, your help is needed.

A very good friend of mine is the head librarian at a engineering college in Arizona; she is attempting to create what she believes will be the first comic book, anime, manga, sci fi, animation archive in the national library system.

the existence of this archive would set a precedent for the american library system, and seriously, would be a huge step toward “legitimizing” an art form that has made a profound impact on all our lives. other universities would in effect have to follow suit, and start archiving sci fi movies, comic books and so on themselves.

But she can’t do it alone; as much as we already know about these subjects, there are still large gaps in our expertise and we would greatly appreciate your help.

here’s what we’d love for you to do;

1. make a list of titles of sci fi, anime, manga, comic books, ect. that you consider indispensable in the experience of the genre.

feel free to geek out. you’re among friends 🙂

2. please list websites you know on the subjects mentioned. if you know a particularly great or informative website, please share it, as she will catalog the website and make it available to people searching for the subjects either just online, or at ANY library in the country. don’t be afraid to include sites designed for newbies.

3. feel free to explain and introduce esoteric categories, nomenclature, and so forth. pardon my own ignorance for only mentioning the genre’s i did.

4. pass this email to every geek you know.

5. make the subject of your email the word “geek”; it’ll make sorting things easier for us.

one caveat, and its a minor one; my friend is interested in including INFORMATION on, say, hentai and “adult” comics, but isn’t able to include them physically in the archive. websites and so forth are thus appreciated.

if possible, try to get back to me as soon as you can, and try to keep the info organized as best you can.

May the force be with you all.


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One thought on “the future is tomorrow…”

  1. Oddly, I was just rummaging around my old comic books, wondering how to best get rid of them. Is Joseph doing physical item collection, or would his friend be willing to pay shipping on a lot of comic books? If so, they’re basically free. They may not be anything good, and I’m not sure what he’s interested in amassing, so gimme a call or IM sometime. I probably also have some anime or some such lying around I could part with, not to mention a few anime titles I’d want to suggest (most of which would probably overlap with others’ suggestions, but whatever.)

    Also, I recently organized my anime collection, so I should be able to catalog it easily at this point. If he ever wants to borrow anything to check out before suggesting / submitting it to the library, he’s welcome to it.

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