First, a brief note about work. I don’t talk about work much, but some really exciting stuff has been going on and I need to share. I have successfully installed a T1 line between the two facilities. Okay, in reality there were a dozen guys from Verizon that actually ran the fiber, spliced it, and hooked up the many boxen that converted light to electric signals. But I was the man standing next to the man! The important thing is that it works. No more crappy VPN file transfers, we’ll be able to work together as a real company. Now I just have to transfer the IP configurations to the new setup…

On a personal note, my car is now officially inspected until next March! That’s right, state of New Jersey, suck it! I went just over a year with an expired inspection sticker and suffered no consequences. Do you realize what that means? Laws do not matter. Go forth and do whatever you like, they can’t catch you! Ok, maybe that’s a little extreme, but I like the feeling that my laziness was a little bit of social defiance rather than merely… well… laziness.

The real kicker – not long after pulling out of my company’s parking lot I noticed a warning on my dashboard. Yup, the “Check Engine Soon” light had come back less than an hour after inspection.* Once again state of New Jersey, suck it! That little light ain’t fooling me, I’ll get it looked at next March.

* – In case I hadn’t made it clear, the whole reason I hadn’t taken my car in for inspection was that stupid light. It kept going on, which means I automatically fail. So what was the point of taking it in when I already knew it would fail?

2 thoughts on “Triumphant”

  1. That stupid yellow light is my nemisis as well. I’m at 4 months failed inspection and counting. However, the light is no longer on. 😉

    Congrats on the T1 at work. I knoew hiring an actual IT guy was a good move. The fact that it was you was icing on the cake. Does it make me completely screwed inthe head to be so happy that you an Bhavna are at Unigene?

  2. Sometimes I wonder just how many people are driving around without the proper paperwork…

    And no, it’s cool that you’re happy for us and Unigene. It’s the kind of place that you don’t mind working for and actually want it to succeed – and not just in the usual selfish way.

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