A simple request to websites

If you are going to tell me to fill out a form online and print it out, would you at least give me the courtesy of making it fit on a page. Okay, it doesn’t have to fit on one page, but please don’t have it spill one or two stupid lines of copyright info onto an extra, completely useless piece of paper. It’s not like the information is so varying on these forms that you can’t predict how long it will be. They’ll be the same length everytime. So now the 5 or 6 rebates I filled out yesterday and today resulted in several of these complete wastes of paper.

Even sites like MapQuest and Amazon with dynamically generated printouts that vary greatly in total lines could clean up their act. It wouldn’t take a whole lot to code the excess site info a tad neater and STOP WASTING MY PAPER!

Oh yeah, and all of you little indie bands that I’m trying to listen to and get into, you want me to remember who you are, right? So how about naming your mp3s to actually reflect your band’s name and the song title, hunh? And… I don’t know… maybe you could use the builtin tagging system that’s been around since the beginning of the format so I don’t have to search through bookmarks to figure out who the hell wrote a song I liked.

That’s all for now…

One thought on “A simple request to websites”

  1. I have a stack of papers here, the unwanted bastard children of sloppy print jobs. I feel bad throwing out (or even recycling) a page with 2 lines of yahoo maps copyright info, so I use them for taking notes or doodling. Can it really be that hard to prevent this? 😛

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