That time of year again

Alrighty, I’m too tired/lazy to mince words. This Sunday is the semi-annual Hoboken Art & Music Festival – the spring version. Lisa and I shall be in attendance, but for the first time in years we are completely lacking a home base. Obviously we no longer have an apartment there, but on top of that, the Rodeo/Ristra no longer exists as it once did (I believe the space is now called Tazo). Since neither Artkore nor Hoboken Rocks have anything on the schedule, we shall be left to our own devices to come and go as we please.

I encourage all who can to come out and enjoy all of the sights and sounds in the sun. If you want to meet up, give me a call because I’m not sure where we’ll be. My guess is we’ll try to see BuzzUniverse on the Sixth Street Stage at 1pm (and maybe Raphael Cruz at 4pm), but the rest of the day is up in the air.