I had a fairly nice weekend, despite the viciousness of my allergies. Unfortunately, I returned home to find a rather confused cable modem. I’ve been pretty happy with Comcast’s service up until this point. The guy who installed everything did a great job, and the few problems I’ve had were cleared up quickly, but now this.

The first tech tells me that it’s a cable modem problem. Okay, no biggie, I’ve still got spares from my Cablevision days. So I give them the info and pop another one on the line. They seem to be having some problems and then… click… click… “If you’d like to make a call…” Great. So now I have to call back and see if I can get this process started with minimal retelling of steps taken. The next tech is helpful and tries to get me up and running as fast as possible. But then he figures out the real problem. It’s an issue with the line. They’ve got to send someone out. There’s an opening on Thursday.


That’s real helpful. Especially considering we can’t even take that one and have to settl for an appointment Friday morning. That mean I have no Internet access at home until the end of the week. I really don’t care that they’ll refund me the money for this week, it’s outrageous that cable companies still operate on this BS “We’ll get a tech out there sometime this month” mentality.

In other words, I’m not very happy.

And neither are my sinuses.