American Idol – Top Four

I really wanted to write about Scott getting dumped. Really, I did. How could I not be excited about losing that complete waste from the competition. Sure, we’ve still got the white boy and the robot up there, but I can at least tolerate (or sleep through) their performances. Anyway, it’s that (belated) time again…

They picked this week’s theme to be the music of two cities: Nashville and Philly. Seemed like a great idea at first, until it turned out that nobody knew any decent country songs. Man did the first half drag, or what? At least we can get through the re-cap quickly:

Bo was his usual wonderful self. Yeah, the first song kinda sucked, but that was more of a problem with it being country rather than his performance. His voice still sounded great. But it was his rendition of “For the Love of Money” that was a real show stopper. Damn! Now I want to hear him sing “War.”

Vonzell was very weak with her first song, but appeared to be quite distressed. She was near tears, and even Simon laid off which tells me that something had happened. So I’ll give her a pass, especially considering she really tore it up with “Don’t Leave Me This Way” – the best disco song ever. She’s still my #2.

And the rest… ok, I’ll give Anthony credit for turning in a very good performane on his first song. Nothing great, but it did grab my attention. Plus, I just love how he handled Scott last week. When they did the eliminations, Ryan Seacrest only told people whether to stay on stage, or go sit down. Anthony knew right away that having to sit down didn’t necessarily mean he was safe. Pretty much everyone figured that out. But Scott was all excited when he was told to sit down, and as he merrily walked over you could see Anthony trying to make him realize what a dumbass he was. And then they sent him home anyway. And for that, I give some props to Anthony. He’s lucked out making it this far, but at least he seems like a nice guy.

As far as Carrie goes, the judges, for once, seemed even less impressed with her than me. She should have owned the stage with the chance to do a Nashville song, but it was weak. And that version of “If You Don’t Know Me By Now” was even worse than Anthony’s.

At this point, I’d actually rather see Carrie go before Anthony. But the frightening thing is that one of them has to make it to the final three. And there’s the chance that both of them could! I fear for the results tonight!

4 thoughts on “American Idol – Top Four”

  1. Vonzell sucked unlike anyone has ever sucked on AI before, but hey, she cried and got the sympathy vote from suckers who can’t tell “on key” from “off key.” She obviously read the book that Jasmine wrote last year.

    Plus, she’s not that cute, and her oedipal tendencies are really starting to grate on my nerves. She should have gone instead of Anthony

  2. She’s was definitely bad on the first song, but I still loved her version of “Don’t Leave Me This Way.” The only reason I wanted Carrie gone was I fear that she could actually win. That would be a travesty.

  3. Don’t Leave Me This Way was pretty good, but I think the whole spectacle during her first song really soured me on her for the entire night.

    If people were judging by vocals for both songs, she or Carrie should have gone home instead of Anthony.

  4. You’re definitely right about that. I thought it was kinda crappy that Anthony finally gets the boot after probably his best performance. I’ll write about last night later, but to give you a hint, the only thing that matters is Bo.

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