The offline blues

Thankfully Comcast just called to confirm the appointment tomorrow morning. Even if the modem were working again, I’d make them send someone out as reparation for the hell my life has been without the Internet.

Yes, I am exaggerating (about the hell part, not about making them send the guy out anyway), but that doesn’t change the fact that I am looking forward to being re-connected tomorrow as one might look forward to being released from a Taiwanese jail.

Okay, so maybe that’s a little more hyperbole. But can you blame me? I barely have the time to do any online reading at work. My website redesign has once again been put off (and this time it isn’t my laziness). And goodness, I can’t even check what the weather is like until I get to work!

Forget refrigeration, combustible engines, vaccination, sliced bread, and the wheel, how did man survive before broadband?!?!

One thought on “The offline blues”

  1. how did man survive before broadband?!?!
    One day, man struck two stones together and made fire, and shortly thereafter, discover AOL dial-up – which is about as useful as fire, and slightly less destructive. “Thok’s Place” became the first blog, and, well, here we are today. 🙂

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