The Comcast tech came Friday morning. I was already at work, which left my somewhat less technically savvy partner to make sure matters were taken care of. Not that I thought Lisa would screw anything up, mind you, but cable techs don’t always know what they’re doing and sometimes you need to know more to keep them on track. My fear was that another day would come and go and I would be left in the Internet-less void my apartment had come to occupy. Lisa did call me while I was at work, and left me with a sunken feeling that our connection would never be restored.

Well, at least at first she did. The tech was all sorts of confused with my rig (I’m not exactly sure where that term came from) and left in a bewildered state, muttering foreign curse words as he stumbled down the street. He thought it was the modem, the poor fool. If only someone had bothered to let him know that we already tried THREE OTHER MODEMS. And while his half-assed job did not conclude with some good ol’ fashion web browsin’, Lisa assured me that the “Connected” light was, in fact, on. Which meant that the rest of the troubleshooting would be left as an exercise for the paying customer. Namely, me.

But a funny thing happened on my way home to get my download on – I didn’t go home. That’s right, faced with an unknown evening lacking any concrete plans, I still decided that heading over to Hoboken for whatever adventures may await was a better scenario for a Friday night than catching up with e-mail and blogs. No offense to all of my regular reads, but it’s time that I get my life back.

Lisa and I have somewhat isolated ourselves out here in Montclair. It’s not like we’re avoiding people, but there aren’t nearly the opportunities for random socializing as we had in bustlin’ ‘Boken. Even the Arts and Music Fest was a bit of a downer with no central hub to congregate and a lack of apartments for crashing, leading us to an early departure. But we’re slowly getting into the swing of the more suburban lifestyle, and that often means going out of our way to see people. In this instance I took the free time (while Lisa was visiting another friend) to enjoy some quality time with a mutz and sopresseta sandwich from Luca Brasi’s (it’s been way too long), some intense browsing at Tunes (more music to come later), and finally a stop at Busker’s (the unfortunately named new hangout in Hoboken).

And that’s exactly the kind of night I needed. Chillin’ out on the sidewalk, knockin’ back a few Smithwick’s, and catchin’ up with some friends. Don’t get me wrong, I still need to catch up with all my online reading, but I’d like to start putting more effort into re-connecting with my “real world” friends.

Man, sometimes these “sorry I haven’t been writing” posts can become a big mess. Next up, my Internet identity crisis!