Next Year

Crap, the pressure is on – 29 is perfect age for a big idea. According to the article:

The age represents the optimum combination of education and energy levels required for great ideas to emerge, according to the study.

That means starting this September I’ve gotta hunker down and think real hard. But at least I have a reprieve for genius:

However, the wait is even longer for true genius to show. In the past century the age at which great inventors and Nobel prize winners made their life-changing discoveries increased by six years, with the average now just short of 40.

(thanks to Donncha)

P.S.(If you don’t feel like registering for the article, try out BugMeNot. I finally installed the Firefox extension and it works.)

3 thoughts on “Next Year”

  1. Thank goodness! I had read somewhere that nobody over 30 had ever produced a profound idea, and couldn’t find the source, so I’ve been hurriedly trying to get in my next great discovery before the ever-extending mental deadline. And now I’ve learned that I’ve got 9 more years to put out some Nobel-grade material. Sweet!

    Ah… Time to slack…

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