The waiting… the waiting…

The following entry was originally posted only to LiveJournal in order to keep things secret from Lisa. I have added these to my blog with the original timestamp for posterity’s sake.

Ok, it’s starting to burn a hole in my pocket. What, you may ask, would be doing that? Well, it’s fairly small, made of white gold, and features a diamond. In case you couldn’t guess, yes, it’s an engagement ring. For those of you who don’t know the progress, Lisa and I have been openly speaking of marriage, and she has certainly made her feelings clear. For me, it’s been all about the logistics – getting the ring, planning the moment, etc. Of course, now I’m in full fledged panic mode.

No, it’s not cold feet. I’m very comfortable with the idea of spending the rest of my life with Lisa. The problem is, I want the moment to be just right for her. And yes, it does matter. And now I’m just going nuts about it, because I want to do it, but I’m not quite ready. And so I am instead carrying around this expensive bit of jewelry, and can’t let her know. Which would be why I’m making the rare appearance on LJ. I have to talk about it, but Lisa actually does read my website from time to time.

The one thing for certain is that I want to do it in Hoboken. It’s where we met, where our life together started, and has just played an essential role for both of us. I was leaning towards doing it right in the middle of the sidewalk in front of the bar formerly known as the Rodeo Ristra, since that is where we met. But now timing is the thing. The part of me that’s itching to get it done with before I explode says to just throw it together this weekend. I’m sure it would be great, but not exactly what I was hoping for. I could always wait until Tuesday and say that I wanted to check out something at the OpenMic – as much as it’s changed it would still be very appropriate for us. Now it turns out that an artist she loved but thought had disappeared will be playing in Hoboken on the 14th. What a perfect evening that could be – but I’m afraid of putting it off too far.

Well, I’d have to say the chances of it being tonight are pretty slim, as I’m just too darned tired to be romantic. If I make it past this weekend without bursting, I’ll probably be able to put a good plan together. Assuming that the ring doesn’t fall out of the hole now burned into my pocket.