That didn’t take long

!@(guineapigs/justshadow.jpg:R popimg: “He’s so tiny”) Let me introduce you to the newest member of our family: Shadow. Well, that’s his name for now. I wanted to call him Neil, after my favorite black-leather-clad author, but Lisa wanted something cuter. Since he started following Jessie around like a shadow (and since he’s black… like a shadow) she thought that would be better. As of now, I’ve conceded since that happens to be the main character in Gaiman’s last book.

However, if any of you have opinions or other suggestions, feel free to comment.

!@(guineapigs/jessieshadow.jpg popimg: “I think Jessie could eat him”) I didn’t want to rush into getting another guinea pig, but Lisa was concerned about the effect of loneliness on Jessie. He’s certainly been showing signs of depression, which was enough reason for concern. Depression in guinea pigs can be a serious problem as they stop eating. So we need to keep him amused, and while contemplating future companionship for him, Lisa fell for this sleek black feller.

Of course, Lisa is paranoid that you all will judge us as horrible monsters for rushing out and replacing Teddy when that was not our intention. Apparently she must think that lots of people read this site and actually form opinions based upon the posts. Fortunately I know that it doesn’t weigh on people’s minds nearly that much. Nevertheless, let it be known that the purchase of Neil/Shadow was in fact for Jessie, not us. And once he accepts him as a cagemate, rather than sniffing him vigorously and trying to hump it, that will be more readily apparent.

!@(guineapigs/meshadow.jpg:L190 popimg: “I present to you, The Shadow”) !@(guineapigs/lisashadow.jpg:R190 popimg: “The black lump next to Lisa’s huge boob is Shadow”)

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  1. You bastard! 😛
    Sugar gliders are the same way, they need companionship or they get depressed, and their health can suffer – that’s why Eva and I asked about Jessie right away. Hopefully these two will get along well 🙂
    Eva and I should probably ask a few questions next time one of us sees you – her sister got a guinnea pig right after their dog died, I guess as a way to keep the number of animals in the house stable… but she only got one. And she tends to, um, neglect certain things in life – like feeding her hamster – so I’m wondering how much attention and care a single piggie needs, so I can figure out the odds of its survival in her room.

  2. Actually, I think many animals seem to fall into depression when they end up losing a long time buddy. I know it’s the same way with dogs…I had two dogs, Baby and Oskar, who grew up together, and when Oskar suddenly became ill and passed away, Baby went into a period of mourning and depression. It helped when we got a puppy that she could look after and care for, so I don’t think any animal lovers here are going to be mad at you for getting another guinea pig. Jessie will be very happy with a new cage mate!

    And as for my sister’s guinea pig, yea, sadly I feel it’s only a matter of time before all the hoopla wears off and she starts to neglect it just like her poor hamster. If that happens, you darn well know I’ll be looking to see if you guys would be willing to adopt! :p

  3. Well, I wouldn’t rule out adoption at this point 🙂

    As far as attention and care for a single piggie – it’s probably much higher than if you have two. I could leave Teddy and Jessie alone for long periods of time. As long as they had enough food and water, they could not see me for a couple days and wouldn’t care. Not that they were playing games together or anything, but the companionship meant a lot.

    Now, Jessie wants a lot more attention. I’m holding him more frequently, and food isn’t enough to appease his squeaks. Hopefully we’ll be able to integrate Shadow in somewhat quickly.

  4. I figured as Thom’s big sister its okay that I post. The 2nd piggie is a good idea. Its actually one of the major reasons mom and I wound up with Flip. Reggie, mom and I all had a hard time with Topaz’s death and Flip (while living up to his spaz name way too often) filled in nicely.

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